I love shooting people, mostly musicians.
They don’t end up dead though, they end up looking damn awesome! :)

This is the part where I get to talk profusely about my superpowers… if it wasn’t so awkward. Well, people describe me as smart, creative, friendly and perfectionistic. I describe myself as responsible, helpful and practical. We’re all correct.

Photography is my passion – and it all started with a coincidence when my husband needed promo pics for his new band.
The outcome of my very 1st shooting ever:

Not bad, ey? Since then, I was hooked and shot all concerts I could get into, cooperated with numerous websites and magazines, was hired by individual artists and concert organizers, and even scored a magazine cover, a limited edition wine label and a solo gallery exhibition two solo exhibitions already.
Just don’t ask for how many years I’ve been taking pictures, because I won’t tell you – the number is too damn low. Needless to say, I’m loving every minute!

Blame it on my eye, or my many years in the fashion business, where countless hours were actually spent on (unknowingly) honing my skill to distinguish between bad pictures and the good ones. Lesson learned: looking at high quality fashion photography can improve your music-shooting skills. Ha, who knew, right?

Thanks for reading till the end. Here is Esperanza Spalding for you, looking like a model:


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